Remediation Expenditure Review

Organizations prioritize risk and remediation activities to achieve an acceptable level of residual risk. For Boards of Directors and the C-Suite, there can be lingering concerns that requested expenditures, and the supporting projects, may not be adequately addressing a specific risk scenario. Risk Neutral brings an additional perspective and objective review of spending as it relates to risk reduction. The goal of this analysis is to determine if the organization is getting the right amount of risk reduction for the dollars being requested. This is a frequently requested follow-on activity for many of our organizational capabilities and regulatory compliance gap assessments.

As business leaders, physical security, information technologist, and cybersecurity specialist certified across a range of disciplines, Risk Neutral provides a level of assurance to our clients that they are adequately fulfilling their fiduciary duties of ‘trust but verify” as it related to Integrated Risk Management (IRM). Our objective isn’t to influence whether a particular initiative should or shouldn’t be pursued. By asking open-ended questions, we seek to gain a more complete understanding of what specific threat scenario is being evaluated, the amount of risk it poses, and how much risk reduction is anticipated from both a business and technical perspective based on the requested dollar amount.

Every aspect of risk may not be easily quantified, but Risk Neutral has certified Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) analyst on staff to build quantifiable financial models to support the risk reduction decision-making process. This analysis method creates high-confidence economic impact models for specific threat scenarios. The utility of this analysis is expanded because it is ideal for evaluating more than one risk reduction response option and calculating which remediation recommendation will return the most valuable ROI (Return on Investment).

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